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Artisan bath and skincare products to help you find a few indulgent 'just for me' minutes in your daily routines

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  • Hand Poured Soap

    "I love this soap! Smells great! Leaves me feeling clean and fresh, much better than my old body wash. Highly recommend!!!"

    - Paul E.

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  • Luxurious Lip Balm

    "I spend much of my time outdoors in the woods, exposed to the elements, and my skin takes a beating. I was thoroughly impressed. I will forever support and buy this product. My only wish is that I could give more than 5 stars."

    - Caleb

    It's The Balm 
  • Soothing Hand Balm

    "Not only does this smell amazing, it does wonders for keeping the moisture locked in my skin after a nice relaxing shower. So good, my husband keeps stealing it from me."
    - Denise

    Solutions For Dry Skin 
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Looking for only natural ingredients?

Our Homestead Collection contains colors and fragrances found in nature - clays, essential oil blends, and herbal powders and infusions.

Homestead Collection

Bright colors, and amazing fragrances?

Products in our Rave Collection contain at least one ingredient that we don't consider 'natural' - phthalate free fragrance oils, for example.

Rave Collection
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The Perry Creek Experience

Life is busy. There seems to be fewer hours in every day.

From an amazing bar of soap to an indulgent skin care product or your favorite new hand blended fragrance, let us help you find a few minutes for self care in your already hectic schedule.

We promise to bring you and your family the best natural skin care products using the most appropriate packaging at a reasonable price - all with sustainability in mind.

We know there are a lot of handcrafted products out there, and it can be difficult navigating all the different claims ("certified essential oils", "toxin free", "organic"). We promise to not only be transparent in our ingredients, process, and products, but to also educate you along the way so you can be sure you spend your skincare budget wisely.