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Mix Tape - Artisan Soap

Like the best part of the 80s - this soap is a mix of one hit wonders. We recycle our production scraps and R&D test products to create these one-of-a-kind bars.
May contain plant and / or animal milks, nut based exfoliants, etc. Not recommended for people with allergens / sensitivities.

Always an original bar!

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Sometimes we make a mistake during product (like forgetting to add a fragrance), and sometimes we make an R&D product that we just don't like (maybe the color is not as bright as we hoped).

This soap is our attempt to recycle soapy bits and pieces and contains everything except the kitchen sink...but you could use it at the kitchen sink.

Variations are part of the natural hand mixing, pouring, and cutting process. Images here are representative of products you may receive. Natural variation in available soap scraps will assure that you receive a unique, handmade product in fragrance and appearance.