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Blueberry - Artisan Bar Soap

Blueberry - Artisan Bar Soap

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Blueberry Artisan Soap

This soap was originally a free sample sent out with orders. It was so popular that we are adding it as part of our seasonal collection. It will be available until we run out of fresh Maine blueberries.

This recipe is so new that our first batches are still curing. If you add this product to your order, it will ship separately (no additional shipping fees). Shipping will begin Mid-October or sooner.

Made with local Maine blueberries and a unique blend of fragrance oils, the is summer in Maine, naturally.

Each bar measures approximately 2.75" wide by 3" tall, 1" thick, and weighs approximately 4.5 oz.


Coconut oil, palm oil, water, olive oil, canola oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), blueberry puree, fragrance, mica-based colorants


While we use the same recipe for every batch, small variations are part of the natural hand mixing, pouring, and cutting process. Images here are representative of the final product you will receive, but natural variation in the process will assure you receive a unique bar of soap.

Soap lasts longer if it dries out between uses. We recommend using a soap dish to keep your soap's feet out of the puddles.

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