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These powerful air fresheners have been wildly popular at our local events. We package 1 oz of beads in a drawstring pouch. Choose your favorite fragrance or contact us for a special and bulk orders.

We kept hearing that people were using our bars of soap the same way you might use an air freshener.

It makes us really sad to think of pretty bars of soap hiding out in the dark recesses of all those stinky places. Let us also take this opportunity to tell you that handmade soap eventually goes bad (it just doesn't smell as amazing as it used to).

So, let that gorgeous soap meet its destiny!

Use the pretty soap to smell good getting clean and use these AromaBeads to make your spaces smell just as amazing!

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Each 4" x 6" sachet contains 1 oz of plastic beads

Care information

Plastic beads are not meant for use in wax melters. Avoid direct contact with surfaces as fragrance and essential oils can stain materials.

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